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Why we are leaders in childcare and early education


Little Duckling has a history of providing high-quality care and education for over 30 years. We are elated when we enroll children of parents who attended Little Duckling themselves. Please read some of these inspiring testimonials.

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“Little Duckling is the best ever” 

~ Jennifer Bennett

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“I would like to thank them… for teaching them well” 

~ Robert Bridgewater

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“Everyone made me feel extremely welcomed.” 

~ Clarke Nicholson

My kids have loved Little Ducklings for many years. Great to our family

Great daycare! My children have been going for 3 years. Everyone here is like family. Ms. Cindy is great, with our son having health issues and his doctors changing things, she makes sure he gets what he needs anyway she can help she will! She always checks up on us when he’s in the hospital or not attending daycare of the day. My children have learned so much from their lesson plans. They say grace before eating like we do at home! Love everyone here!

This is a great daycare! My little one has been attending the infant room since 3 months old. He just turned one! The infant teachers take very well care of him. The daycare is very clean and they have an open-door policy. Great communication with parents.

I love this Daycare! It’s VERY clean, Staff is friendly, and my child loves attending everyday!

Little duckling daycare has been apart of my life since I was a baby. Mrs. Cindy and Mrs. Joyce have known me my entire life and I have the best memories of them during my time at little duckling and North Star. When I had my own baby she stayed at home for the first 2 years of her life and I was super anxious about sending her to daycare. Little Duckling was my first choice because they took such great care of me. I’m happy to see that nothing changed over the years. My baby is well taken care of during the day and loves her class and teachers. I will never go anywhere else!

My mom started me and my sister at Little Duckling Daycare when it was also a school. She chose this daycare for the fact that it was also a school of learning after kindergarten. This place instilled discipline as well as the teachings of the church. This became a family to me. I enjoyed spending weekends with Ms. Joyce. I chose little ducking daycare for Jaida because of the teachings that were given to me as a child and the family atmosphere. Plus my mom told me little duckling was the place to go!

Attending Little Duckling was the highlight of my childhood. I remember feeling a great sense of home away from home each time I walked through those doors. The amount of time each staff invested in their students was outstanding. They made sure we were on track with our education as well as introduced us to the word of God. When I had my own little duckling, it was only right I give her the opportunity to have the same experience I once had… and she does. Every day she comes home excited to tell me all the things she’s learned as well as her wonderful encounters with all her friends. Not only does Little Duckling promote safety and security with my daughter, but they also work with her on her social skills. I couldn’t be more grateful

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